Palm Sunday-April 1st

First Form with Procession
1.      The Priest and accompanying ministers approach the designated space.  The chant “Hosanna to the Son of David” or another suitable chant is sung.
2.      The Priest begins with the Sign of the Cross and the customary greeting.
3.      The Priest continues, “Dear brethren (brothers and sisters), since the beginning of Lent until now we have prepared . . .”
4.      With hands extended he blesses the palm branches
a.      Let us Pray
b.      Almighty and ever-living God, sanctify . . .”
5.      Sprinkle the palm branches
6.      A deacon/priest proclaims the Gospel
a.       Gospels are in the Roman Missal
b.      Incense may be used
7.      May give a brief homily or reflection
8.      The Priest/Deacon invites the faithful to begin the procession
a.       Dear brethren (brothers and sisters), like the crowds . . . [or]
b.      Let us go forth in peace (Response: In the name of Christ. Amen) [or]
c.       Procedamus in Pacem (Response: In Nomine Christi. Amen)
9.      Procession begins
a.       Thurifer
b.      Cross bearer (cross decorated with palms) between two candles
c.       Deacon with the Book of the Gospels
d.      Priest with the ministers
e.       The people
10.  Entrance Antiphon/Processional Hymn
a.       Antiphons given in the Roman Missal [or]
b.      A suitable hymn to Christ the King
11.  The priest venerates the altar (and may incense it)
12.  The Introductory Rites of the Mass are omitted and the Kyrie (if appropriate)
a.       The Priest would change from Cope to Chasuble (if he wore a cope for procession)
b.      The Priest begins with the Collect and Mass ensues as normal
The Procession is only done at the principal Mass of the day. 
The Solemn Entrance incorporates much of the “First Form” but only a “representative group” of the faithful walk in procession.  The Solemn Entrance may be repeated at other Masses where there are large crowds, if not the Simple Entrance is to be used.
For the Simple Entrance – Mass proceeds as normal.
1.      Introductory Rite
2.      Penitential Rite
3.      Collect

With courtesy of
Fr. Brian King
Episcopal Secretary
Diocese of Palm Beach

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