1. St.Peter: In the first twelve chapters of the Acts,he appears as the leader of the infant church.the college of the apostles is clearly the central authority,and it is he who speaks for them severl occasions. After Saul's conversion,peace returned to the church and Peter traveled through Galilee,Samaria and Judea , visiting new communities and adding to them by his preaching and miracles. During that time the Holy Spirit taught him the equality of Jew and Gentile. With regard to Peter's death what is certain is that he died in Rome during time of Neronian: persecution between 64 and 68 A.D. Tradation puts his martyrdom in 67. together with that of St.Paul and even givesJune 29th as the exact date.this date had a symbolic character:it was day on which the romans celebrated the founding of their city by Romans.
  2. St.John: He spent most of the time in Ephesus. During the persecution of Domitian,he was brought to Rome and thrown into the boiling oil.He was escaped from that and after the death of Domitian he came back to Epessus and died at a very advanced age in the year 100A.D
  3. St.James the less : He was the Brother of St.thaddues and thought to have been the cousin of Jesus Christ . The epistls of St.James was written about 47 A.D. He sufferd martyrdom by being cast down from the parapet of the temple and killed with a fuller's club at C.62 A.D.
  4. St.James the great: He was the brother of St.John the evangelist. They were the brothers of Jesus Christ .Jesus chose St.peter,St.James and St.John to witness his transfiguration,agony in the garden.He was the first apostle to be martyred.King Herod Agrippa the grandson of Herod the great arrested St.James in order to please the Jews and he was beheaded in the Year C.60 A.D
  5. 5.St.Andrew: He was the brother of St.Peter.He preached the Gospel in Turkey.he was martyred during the reign of Nero 30th November in the year 60 A.D.being tied on the X like cross called Andrew' cross.
  6. St.Bartholomew: He was introduced to Jesus by St.Philip.He preached in Arabia. According to tradition he was martyred by being flayed alive in Armenia around the 1st Century A.D
  7. St.Philip: After the ressurection he went to preach the good news to the region of Asia Minor(Turkey) along with his daughters.traditions say that he suffered martyrdom by the crucifiction in Phrygia around 62 A.D
  8. St.Matthew: He was the tax collecter when Jesus called him. He only wrote the first gospel in Aramaic and Greek. It is belived that he was stoned to death around 1st century A.D.
  9. St.Thomas: He was the apostle of India. He preached the gospel in India. In Madras St.Thomas is believed to have met death by the spear and there the miraculous cross of St.Thomas is venerated. He died around the year 100 A.D.
  10. St.Simon the zealot: His surname is zelous. According to greek tradition he was the bridegroom at the wedding feast of Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle. Nothing was known about his ministry and death.
  11. St.Thaddeus: He was the brother of St.James the less. He preached the gospel in Palestin and later went to Persia and Armania. Death was not known.
  12. St.Mathias: He preached christianity in Judea and Ethiopia where he was crucified. Some say he was beheaded at Jerusalem around 1st century A.D.
Arokia Rajesh
III Year B.A.

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